Ordering Labels


X- Small (Maximum length of 8cm)
Small (Maximum length of 10cm) 
Medium (Maximum length of 13cm) 
Large (Maximum length of 17cm) 
X-Large (Maximum length of 20cm) 
XX-Large (Maximum length of 25cm)


A maximum of 3 words per label, including &, /, + or any other symbols. Anything over this will require 2 labels.

For labels with multiple words may be placed on 2-3 lines at our discretion. This is so we can proportion your labels to the size range you have chosen. 



When you are ordering multiple labels of the same size and font (per order), the longest word(s), will be the maximum length of the size you have ordered (eg 8cm). The shortest words will be height matched to suit that size (Shorter than 8cm). This is to ensure all your labels are proportioned.  This applies to all labels of the same order. 


If you are re-ordering labels in the same size from a previous order, Due to the different amount of characters, your labels may be a different size to previously bought labels even though they are the same size - as our sizes are an estimate of length. 

if you want to ensure they are the same, please leave a note in the checkout with your previous order number and longest word from that order.

For Example:

Ordering size small labels (8cm) with the words:

Lollies / Chocolate / Self Raising Flour / Rice.

Self Raising Flour will be 8cm long, and the height of the remaining words will be matched accordingly. 

Please add in the Order Notes section at the checkout if you do not want us to size match your labels. 



So we can best understand what you are wanting for each label, please ensure you place a / in-between your labels. 

For example:

Pasta / Kids Snacks / Cereal / Sauces / Flour